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Chat in your conlangs! Empty Chat in your conlangs!

Post by k1234567890y on Wed Oct 28, 2015 5:53 pm

You can freely have a conversation here in your conlangs or any conlangs you have learned, including Esperanto, but please post the English translation of what you have said in your conlangs or any conlangs you have learned, also, please be respectful to everyone and don't post any topic that violates the general rules of the forum.

so Let's begin our conversations, and let me start.


Lonmai Luna(Romanization):

Takamebai! delto, Tak kat mek?
/takamebái deltó ták kat mék/
hello everyone Q 2.SG be.all.ok?(interlinear)
hello! everyone, how are you?

Urban Basanawa:

今日は、 皆ら゚る!何う 行ああと彼と と 汝(spaced)
/kɔnnɪ'tʃɪwa 'alər! 'haʊ 'ga:t tə dɪ/
Konnitchiwa aller! hau gaat't to di?(Romanization) all.people how go-3.SG.PRES=3.SG.INAM.A to 2.SG.OBJ(interlinear)
Hello everyone!


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